Car Wash Investor Guide

Why Invest in Self-Service Carwashing?

There are many good reasons to invest in self-service car washing,
but the first and foremost, is to make money! Self-service washing can
be very profitable and many existing operations prove it. In fact,
there are few business opportunities open to investors that have as
great a potential for return as the Self-service carwash.

It's Profitable

Why is self-service carwashing profitable? There are many reasons:
1. Very low labour costs.
2. Very low direct operating costs.
3. All cash business (no accounts receivable).
4. The customers provides the labour.
5. Small inventory.
6. 24 hour operation.
7. Steady business through all seasons in all climates.
8. Broad based market.
9. Minimal fixed costs (bookkeeping, insurance, etc.).
10. Low initial investment.

Many Business People are Investing in Self-Service

Why are so many people investing in self-service? Again, there are
many reasons:

1. High profitability
2. Low initial investment.
3. High rate of return on investment.
4. True appreciation on investment.
5. Easy management (no labour problems, no inventory control
problems, and no cash flow problems).
6. Excellent tax incentives.

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