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Why Do Consumers Choose Self-Service Carwashes

Older Self-service carwashes used to offer only mediocre service. The
majority of their customers were the "die-hards" who simply would not
use the automatic line wash. Many consumers who tried Self-service
wash in the past were dissatisfied with the results, and they never
returned. Others were "turned-off' by the appearance of the washes and
refused to even give them a try. Today however, it's a different
story. With the modern, professional services and facilities offered
there are many good reasons why consumers prefer to use a Self-service
carwash to clean their cars, such as:

The quality of wash achieved by modern "state-of-the-art" Self-service
systems, can far surpass that of the best automatic or "line" wash.
Customers can spend as much (or as little) time as they wish cleaning
their car, attending to even they smallest detail. There are no
"missed spots" that the brushes of automatic washes can't reach and
the customer has the personal satisfaction of doing the job him or

The brushes of automatic carwash frequently cause damage to the paint,
chrome, antennas, and wheels on many cars. In fact, some major auto
makers are now advising customers against cleaning their new cars in
an automatic carwash. Self-service carwashes on the other hand, do not
have this problem. After all, the customers are doing the cleaning

The cost of using a Self-service carwash is about $.50 - $.60 per
minute. Compare this with $5.00 to $l2.00 or more for an automatic
wash. This saving appeals to many customers.

Most self-services washes are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week. When customers want the service, it's available. Automatic
carwashes on the other hand usually have limited hours of operation.
Modern self-service carwashes draw a wide range of customers that
include all age groups, income levels, and both sexes. Virtually all
customers are able to leave the wash totally satisfied that they have
received the best wash possible. There are however, customers who want
their car cleaned as quickly as possible, with as little effort as
possible and will choose to use an automatic carwash. The automatic
wash usually takes less time and the task is performed by machinery
and or other personnel. Occasionally regular self-service customers
will choose the automatic method of washing. Conversely, automatic car
washing customers may occasionally choose self-service. Most of the
time however, customers will not cross over in their method of
washing. For this reason automatic washes are not usually thought of
as competition for self-service washes. In fact, automatic washes are
sometimes installed in conjunction with self-service washes, the two
services complimenting each other.

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