Car Wash Investor Guide

Water Considerations

Service Water Heating

Hot water, 50 degrees C (120 degrees F) is necessary for the effective
use of high pressure soap and wax as well as low pressure features. As
a general rule, about 90,000 BTU of heating capacity is required for
each bay of carwash. The heating system may be either tank type
heaters or a boiler-storage tank system. The tank type of heater is
more convenient and less costly to install but is less efficient to
operate than the boiler-storage tank system. Both systems however, are

Water Hardness

Hard water can cause your car washing equipment to suffer premature
wear and can increase your maintenance costs. It can also
significantly increase your soap and wax consumption and can leave
"spots" on your customer's cars. If your water hardness is greater
than 3-5 grains, a water softening system is advisable. The system
required will depend on the actual hardness of your water and your
daily water consumption. PELCO offers a free water analysis service
and will recommend the appropriate system for your carwash.

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