Car Wash Investor Guide

Selecting Your Supplier

Other than your own intensive effort, nothing will affect the success
of your new self-service carwash more than your equipment supplier. A
competent supplier will be of great assistance to you when planning
your facility. Their advice and recommendations can save you months of
time and thousands of dollars in cost.

During the planning and construction phases of your wash, you will
have many questions for your equipment supplier. The supplier's
availability to answer these questions will save you both time and
money. If you can't get in touch with your supplier, he won't be of
much help to you.

After opening your wash, you need full time backup from your supplier.
When you have a problem, the supplier must be able to help you analyse
the situation, and solve the problem. If parts are required, the
supplier must have the capability of shipping them to you quickly.
This means having a large inventory and a full time parts and service
department to serve you.

The supplier you choose should also be very active. There are
manufacturers in the carwash industry who supply only a few systems
annually. Because of this slow activity, these suppliers cannot stock
large production inventories. Components are frequently substituted
and production systems are not standardized. This inconsistency is
confusing later on when you are attempting to order parts and the
manufacturer is not sure how your system was built.

A lack of sales volume may also indicate that the manufacturer's
product may not be current to industry standards or "state of the
art". New products and improvements to equipment are constantly being
introduced. The industry leaders tend to keep up with this new
technology. Many suppliers however, just keep making the same system
year after year.

The financial stability of your prospective supplier should also be
considered. Manufacturers who do not have much business may be having
financial difficulties. The Self-service carwash industry has seen
several suppliers come and go over the past few years.

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