Car Wash Investor Guide

Marketing your Services

You may offer the finest carwash service in your area, but if your
potential customers don't know about it, you can't expect them to
patronize your business.

Exterior signs have already been mentioned. These are particularly
helpful to new customers who are looking for your wash on their first

The physical appearance of your wash is very important. New customers
are likely to turn away from an unattractive carwash.

Once inside the wash bay, customers should feel at ease. Colourful,
easy to understand instruction signs are important in this area.
Customers, especially new ones, will follow instructions provided they
are easy to read. The most frequent problem with signs is that they
list a long sequence of instructions that are not easily understood.
Good, easy to understand signs are available today. They are designed
not to fade and they resist scratching and rusting.

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