Car Wash Investor Guide

Carwash Lighting

Good lighting is imperative if you expect to generate any significant
income during night time or even twilight hours. The most popular form
of lighting in the past was fluorescent. However, this type of light
source has a reduced output when exposed to winds, moisture or low
temperatures and it is costly to maintain.

The preferred method of lighting modem carwashes is high intensity
discharge (HID). This type of light source is very energy efficient
and is not affected by moisture, wind or temperature. The most
efficient type of HID lighting is high pressure sodium. Because this
type emits a yellowish coloured light, it is recommended only for use
outside of your carwash bays.

In your wash bays, a white light source is preferred. The most energy
efficient, white light HID fixture is metal halide. Two 250 watt metal
halide fixtures per bay are usually installed. For extra brightness
two 400 watt fixtures may be considered.

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