Car Wash Investor Guide

Floor Heating is Necessary

To maximize your winter income and to reduce the possibility of
customer injuries, it is absolutely essential that the floors of your
carwash be kept completely clear of ice build-up. The best way of
doing this is by installing a heating system in the carwash floor. An
in-floor heating system consists of a network of pipes embedded in the
concrete floor of the carwash, and a boiler assembly. A water-glycol
mixture is heated and circulated through the piping network thus
heating the floor and preventing the build-up of ice.

Because the floors are heated only slightly above freezing (just
enough to keep ice from forming), these systems are extremely
economical to operate and durable when compared to conventional space
heating systems which warm the air but lose heat rapidly to the

In the past, steel was the preferred type of floor heating pipe. In
recent years however, a special plastic pipe has been used more and
more often. While plastic pipe in most cases can be used successfully,
selecting the wrong type can spell disaster. Again, the key word is
"durability". Cutting corners here can cost you money later.

It should also be noted here that heating the floors and aprons of a
carwash is not the same as heating the floor in an inhabitable space
such as a factory or warehouse. Different methods are used to
accomplish each goal. Making an error here is more serious than almost
any other aspect of the building procedure. After all, do you really
want to dig up that floor?

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