Car Wash Investor Guide

Is This Business for You?

Only you can answer this question. The Self-service carwash is a
business, and as a business, it requires everyday attention, even if
you have an attendant. Like any other business, the owner must care,
and must take an active interest. You must have this desire. Without
it, the self-service carwash business is not for you.

Some Factors to Consider

Climate and Seasonal Factors

Consumers use Self-service carwashes throughout the year. In fact, in
most areas of Canada winter is the best washing season. This is
because vehicles require washing more frequently during the winter
months. Other seasons are also good and monthly income usually doesn't
vary more than 20% from the year-round average.

Geographic Factors

Modern Self-service car washing is popular with consumers in all
regions. Some areas however, have better income potential due to such
factors as the total amount of precipitation or the lack of an
adequate number of washes to serve the population of a given area.
Cars get dirty everywhere and the need for good Self-service carwash
facilities exists everywhere.

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