Car Wash Investor Guide

Drive Through Carwashes

The drive through is the original Self-service carwash design and is
still popular in some areas. The building is located in the middle of
the property and is open at both ends of each bay. Customers enter
from one side and exit from the other side. While this style of
carwash works well in warmer climates, it has some serious
shortcomings when faced with Canadian & northern US winters. The high winds and
driving snow of winter can turn wash bays open at both ends into "wind
tunnels" making customers extremely uncomfortable and can actually
freeze your equipment, in spite of anti-freezing system.

To combat this problem, overhead pull-down doors are installed at one
or both ends of each bay. These doors however, while solving the "wind
tunnel" problem are expensive to install, tend to ice up and jam in
winter, and seem to require continual repair and maintenance. In
short, they are an expensive solution to the problem.

The drive-through wash also requires more property since the building
must be situated with access to both front and back, and cannot be
located along a property line.

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