Car Wash Investor Guide

Drive-In & Backout, Indoor

Most new Self-service carwashes built today use the "drive in and back
out" design. This style of carwash building is usually located along a
property line (taking into account allowances). Each bay is open at
one end only. Customers drive into a bay to wash their car and then
back out through the same doorway. Doors are usually not required on
the open end except in very extreme conditions.

The "drive in and back out" carwash makes more efficient use of
property and is less expensive to maintain than the drive through
wash. Care must be taken however, to allow adequate line-up room to
eliminate potential traffic problems. With proper planning, traffic
control is not a problem.

Indoor Carwashes

The indoor Self-service carwash is popular in some regions. With this
style of carwash building, all the wash bays are located inside a
large warehouse type building. Customers line up and enter through a
single door, choose an empty wash bay, and then exit through a second

When planning an indoor Self-service carwash, care must be taken to
provide a bright, cheerful atmosphere inside the wash. A high ceiling
and bright lighting are important. A dark, damp, cave-like atmosphere
will tune customers away and must be avoided at all costs.

Another thing to take into account when building this style of carwash
is the high humidity and fogging that can occur inside the wash. Some
method of air exchange is usually called for.

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