Car Wash Investor Guide

Cost of Investment

The cost of investing in a new Self-service carwash depends on many
factors. The first is the cost of land. You may already have a
suitable lot that is paid for. If not, your total cost of investment
will depend on whether you purchase or lease the property.

The cost of improvements to the property, building, paving and
equipment, depend on the type of structure that you build, its
geographic location and the equipment package that you choose. If you
build a structure as recommended and equip your wash as recommended,
you can estimate your cost of improvements to be $90,000 to $130,000(CDN$)
per bay.

This cost estimate is based on recent reports from operators with new
carwashes. The estimate does not include unusually high costs of site
preparation such as landfill or a retaining wall, nor does the
estimate include excessive permit or utility tap fees.

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